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December 28, 2016

The Arctic and Other Unique Yacht Charter Experiences

This time of year most people are looking for a way to escape the cold, wind and snow. But, have you ever wondered what it would be like to really explore the Arctic? You can visit the Arctic and a number of other “far out” destinations in style on an expedition yacht!

Once upon a time your yacht charter experiences were pretty much what you would expect, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, etc. Today however, there is a growing trend of some yacht charters that could be considered decidedly “uncharted.”

In recent years there has been a growing number of motor yacht owners imbued with the spirit of adventure, who want to explore the furthest reaches of the globe, without giving up the style and luxury of a yacht. This has led to the construction of a new class of yachts and superyachts known as “Expedition Yachts.” These extraordinary vessels are either built to specification, or more often than not, refitted former research or military vessels.

Now that there are more of these types of yachts out there, their owners are opening up these kinds of once in lifetime experiences to others, by offering charters on these one-of-a-kind vessels.

Icebreaking Yachts and More

When it comes to luxury yacht travel, breaking the ice used to refer to cocktails on the flybridge! Not so anymore. One of the hits of 2016’s Monaco Yacht Show was the introduction of the SeaXplorer, an icebreaking superyacht currently under construction for an undisclosed owner.

So, besides being an icebreaker, what does an expedition yacht have that an “ordinary” luxury motor yacht does not?  “It’s a lot to do with how long the yacht can operate without the support of shore-side infrastructure,” says Ben Lyons, CEO of EYOS Expeditions, the company behind the design of the SeaXplorer. “With SeaXplorer, we have 40 days of autonomy. That’s comparatively quite a lot…”

Artist's Rendering of SeaXplorer

Artist’s Rendering of SeaXplorer

According to the builders, the SeaXplorer also has a dedicated “mud room”, a transition area from outside to inside where you can shed your boots, that could presumably be “full of penguin guano [poo]” and/or other undesirable exotic substances, and  change clothes. After all, “this is still a multimillion dollar superyacht and nobody wants to make a mess.” Of course there is also a fully enclosed helicopter hangar, and a fast launch tender for expeditionary adventuring, plus the usual array of VIP luxuries you would expect on a yacht of this size and class.

So what is driving this new trend? There is an emerging class of high-net worth individuals who are finding that a visit to even the most upscale resort, is becoming too “routine.” Expedition yachting is giving them a chance to once again experience something truly unique and extraordinary, that only their wealth can bring.

The Charter Experience of a Lifetime

If adventure travel is not your thing, you do not have to go exploring Antarctica or some other far-flung locale to make a yacht charter the experience of a life time.

You can make memories to last a forever on a charter yacht vacation just about anywhere in the world. And, if your idea of the only ice you want to see aboard a luxury yacht charter is in your drink, did you know that we now operate the largest motor yacht charter fleet north of Miami?

Prefer Palms to Icebergs?

Prefer Palms to Icebergs?


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