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Blog | The Azimut 84 “Satisfaction” is Now Sold! Here’s One Way We Did It.

December 12, 2019

The Azimut 84 “Satisfaction” is Now Sold! Here’s One Way We Did It.

We Called It…

When the price tag for “Satisfaction”, the Rolling Stones-themed 2017 84′ Azimut, was reduced to $2.999 million, we called her one of the best deals – if not THE best deal – on the market in the 80′ to 90′ range. Within weeks, she was off the market. Satisfaction’s new owners closed on the yacht yesterday, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for them – or for her now-former owner, who had many terrific times on board his Azimut 84.

Mike Carlson and Matt Stone represented the buyer and seller, respectively, and a BIG congratulations to those guys as well! Boat International just published a fantastic write-up on this deal, and we encourage you to read it here: https://bit.ly/2PCInpY

Looking Back at “Satisfaction”

What a yacht! We put a lot of hard work into selling “Satisfaction”, but she gave us a lot to work with. Built entirely to US specifications, and boasting a stunning custom interior, notable for its hand-picked Italian marble and exquisite built-in furniture, many prospective buyers were QUITE taken with this Azimut 84 along the way. How could they not be? Her A/V system is nothing short of world-class, and she came equipped with options like electric-at-rest stabilization, Humpree Trim Tabs, and other highly sought-after items. Buyers love those sort of features – and so do we.

We said a lot about the yacht’s maintenance program – which is impressive in every respect – and we probably could have said even more, because it was truly first-rate under her former owner (just like we KNOW it will be under her current owners too).

With a full-time, highly-professional crew, this 2017 84′ Azimut was never wanting for attention. For example, in the summer of 2019, “Satisfaction” had a full detail and her running gear serviced, and she had a survey completed just to make sure that everything was in exceptional order (spoiler alert: it was). It was just that kind of program.

Part I: How We Sell Yachts…More Effectively Than Anyone Else

The sale of “Satisfaction” didn’t happen by accident. We sell a significant number of super high-end yachts every year, and there’s an unmistakable method to our “madness” (though we prefer the word “success”). When a new broker joins our firm, he or she is given a fifty page book, written by us, outlining “the 26 North Yachts way”. We have a distinctive, high-accountability, team-oriented culture and we literally had to write a book about it so that newly-hired brokers could understand how we operate.

Company culture is a huge part of why we’ve become the #1 boutique yacht brokerage firm in the country, but we also employ many dozens of tactics and a handful of trusted strategies to sell our clients’ yachts – and we’re not going to be able to cover them all in this blog post. That’s why we hope you’ll consider this “How We Sell Yachts” section to be just a small sliver of what’s going to be a multi-part series.

With that said, we’ll focus on one aspect of how 26 North Yachts sells our clients’ vessels – and that’s through boat shows. Simply put, nobody does a boat show like our team. We love the European shows, like the ones in Monaco & Cannes, but our absolute favorite boat shows are the ones in South Florida: The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS), The Miami Yacht Show (MYS), and the Palm Beach International Boat Show (PBIBS). Lot of acronyms! We have sold many, many of our exclusive yachts at these events.

How do we do it? First, we come prepared. If we’re exhibiting an 88′ Sunseeker yacht, for example, you can be certain that every single one of our team members has a complete & total familiarity with the key attributes of that Sunseeker. That’s because if the yacht’s listing broker AND his assistant get overwhelmed with prospective buyers – which happens sometimes, especially on a Saturday afternoon – then other members of our team will need to step up and conduct viewings. Therefore they’ve got to know exactly what they’re talking about.

But it’s not just that. In the case of the Sunseeker 88, her listing broker will have an extraordinary level of knowledge about each & every one of the yacht’s direct competitors (at the show and otherwise). It’s nearly impossible to properly sell a yacht if you don’t have an intimate understanding of that vessel’s competition! That’s simply common sense, but a lot of research and hard work goes into it.

Presentation Matters…A LOT!

At the end of the day, how a yacht looks at a boat show is critically important. We do whatever it takes to make sure that our yachts, when they’re at a show, look incredible. That means keeping lines of communication wide open with our vessels’ crews or management companies about what we expect from them – and, in turn, what they expect from us. Collaboration is key.

You’ll also notice that our boat show displays are among the best-in-the-business. They have to be, because we want to take every opportunity to entice a potential buyer into viewing our clients’ boats. At the 2019 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, we arranged to have a 400 square foot tented floating dock, which served as a super-comfortable, shaded VIP lounge for our clients. It’s that kind of welcoming gesture that brings in buyers.

We Also Have FUN at Boat Shows

We love helping our clients buy & sell yachts. We love being on yachts! There’s almost nothing about yachting we don’t enjoy. That’s the kind of enthusiasm we take to a boat show – and people tend to gravitate towards that. Yachting is meant to be the ultimate recreational activity and we never lose sight of that. That’s one of the reasons, we always throw a HUGE Friday night party at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show (side note: the picture below was taken an hour before the party REALLY got started…).

At our Friday night FLIBS party, we bring in our favorite one-man steel drum band and make sure that the food & drink are first-rate – and that’s because it’s a great opportunity to unwind with clients and prospective clients, and to simply bask in the glory of the BILLIONS of dollars of boats that surround us. Whether it’s the Miami or Palm Beach Boat Show, we make a similar effort to have fun, and, more importantly, make sure that our clients are having a great time too. That’s just what we do.

Thank You for reading, hope you enjoyed!

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