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Blog | The Latest “Must-Have” Water Toys for Yacht Owners

October 8, 2015

The Latest “Must-Have” Water Toys for Yacht Owners

You might think that owning a luxury motor yacht means having the ultimate toy. But there is an old saying to measure affluence that goes something like “the one who dies with the most toys wins.” In the motor yacht world, as much fun as your boat can be, you really are missing out on living the yacht life to its fullest, without also having the latest and greatest water toys.

Here in no particular order are some of the “must have” aquatic playthings of the ultra-rich.

Superpool – Do not let the name fool you. The Superpool is less of a pool than it is your own island. Basically the Superpool lets you set up a relaxing and private space for you and your guests, away from the noise, fumes or closed spaces of the boat. It can be anchored just off shore, or a short distance from the yacht. According to the manufacturer, “the whole unit is inflatable, including the floors, and can be rolled up and stored on board. The floor pieces are removable and can be placed in any configuration giving endless possibilities for layout and modifying the pool size.”


FunAir – Why should your kids have all the fun? FunAir has created an inflatable climbing wall and waterslide specifically for luxury motor yachts.


Deep Flight Dragon – The Deep Flight Dragon, pictured at the head of this article, was the rage of the recent Monaco Yacht Show. It is nothing less than a personal submarine, and you can embrace your inner “Captain Nemo” for a mere $1.5 million!

The Iguana – Tired of not being able to drive your yacht or even your tender right up to your front door? The Iguana Yacht is for you. It is a high-end tender that is amphibious, so it can also be driven on dry land!

Flyboard – Hoverboards like the one Marty McFly used in “Back to the Future” may still be a fantasy on dry land, but you can “fly” over the water with a Flyboard. The Flyboard is powered by jets of water, created by a line that attaches to any Jet Ski or personal water craft. It allows underwater propulsion and flights of up to 40 Ft. in the air. 16 year old Damon Rippy took the world by storm with amazing tricks on a Flyboard on this past season’s America’s Got Talent.


Jet Lev Flyer – Similar to the Flyboard, the Jet Lev is more of a “water jet pack,” you wear strapped to your back. The Jet Lev is under your complete control. You can hover, or fly in any direction for up to 2 hours!

Quadrofoil – What did the coolest of the cool villains have in all those James Bond Flicks? A hydrofoil! The Quadrofoil is your own personal hovercraft. It is not available as of this writing, and should hit the markets in spring of 2016, when it is expected to be the “must have” water toy of next season. It is all-electric, so it is zero emissions, yet it literally flies above the waves at a top speed of 21 knots, and a cruising range of over 60 miles!  

Seabobs Seabobs are underwater personal watercrafts that can be used with or without SCUBA gear.


In the luxury motor yacht world, it’s no secret that boat owners like to play a game of “one-upmanship.” Often that involves having the bigger or better boat. But there really is no better way to show-off, than with a collection of exotic and exclusive water toys!


Finding the right water toys for your motor yacht can be confusing. If you would like to benefit from our expertise in these areas, or if you have any questions or comments about this blog post, do not hesitate to contact our Sales Specialists, or call us at 954-900-9988.

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