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April 18, 2016

The Ultimate Superyacht – Is a Submarine!

The idea behind most concept yachts is to make the impossibly luxurious possible. Each radical new design brought out by the world’s most exclusive designers, is a game of “can you top this,” courting the most elite market that wants to be seen in the ultimate superyacht on the water.

The latest such concept yacht, may have just raised the bar as high as it’s ever been, by lowering it — under the water that is!

Austrian design and engineering firm Migaloo, has recently introduced  its latest concept superyacht – and it’s a submarine! The company refers to the vessel as a “private submersible yacht.”

According to the design firm, the submersible yacht offers everything you would expect in a superyacht of her design and class – swimming pools, helipads, movie theaters, elevators, wine cellars, libraries and private terraces – but with one somewhat unique option. Like something from a “Transformers” movie, the owner can “close up the decks and convert the yacht into a submarine.”  The owner of the boat will also receive a built to order “private floating island.”

Speaking with Architectural Digest, Christian Gumpold, managing director and head of design at Migaloo, said the goal of the project is to, “create a living space where exterior and interior interact in harmony…”

Other Features of the Private Submersible Superyacht

According to Gumpold, “with rooms that open to the ocean for dining alfresco while above water, and large viewing galleries for taking in the marine life when submersed, the Migaloo creates that harmony.”

Of course, safety is a major concern when you are talking about a private submarine. Gumpold assures that “each superyacht will be built to U.S. Navy SUBSAFE safety standards, which ensure that the interiors will stay watertight and the vessel can recover from unanticipated flooding.”

Your Private Migaloo Island

Your Submersible Yacht Comes Complete With Your Own Island!

According to the design firm, the desired privacy of those that can afford such vessels as luxury superyachts, was one of driving forces behind the private submersible yacht concept. The ability to dive beneath the surface and out of view of a gawking public, might have great appeal to such high-net worth individuals. “Privacy is a big issue on superyachts,” says Gumpold, “our answer to this concern is simply submerging the vessel into complete privacy.”

Other Unique Luxury Motor Yachts

We may not be able to offer you a superyacht that doubles as a submarine just yet, however, we do have some of the most unique superyachts on the planet available in our broker’s inventory. For example, take a look at this breathtaking offering from Oceanco, the Helios, a 193ft Oceanco luxury yacht, or some other custom built offerings in the Superyacht size and class, such as the 246′ yacht, Commander, built by Tiranian Yachts.

Tiranian Yachts.

The Commander – Tiranian Yachts

And, if an amazing superyacht is not in your immediate future, we can certainly help with some “super deals,” on some smaller, but equally remarkable motor yachts such as the brand new Dyna 60.



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