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Blog | This is Not Your Father’s 86 Foot Outer Reef Yacht

June 30, 2016

This is Not Your Father’s 86 Foot Outer Reef Yacht

We are very proud to have recently listed an 86 foot Outer Reef Yacht, the Ti Punch for sale. This boat is unlike any Outer Reef you have every seen!

Most Outer Reef yachts follow a very classic design with teak wood interiors that give you the feel of a sailing yacht, even though you are on a motor yacht. This owner broke with that tradition, and in fact this is one of the first Outer Reefs that employed an outside marine interior designer – Destry Darr with Destry Designs – to create a more modern, upscale, luxury cruising interior.

There are a lot of things on this boat that just have never, ever been done on any other Outer Reef, and that is why we confidently say the Ti Punch is “not your father’s Outer Reef.”

For one thing, she features a high-gloss walnut interior, but beyond that, even as you walk through you can see that the general arrangement is not like you would find on any other Outer Reef.

Striking Differences

There are just so many striking differences between the Ti Punch and your typical 86 foot Outer Reef. Reading about them, even viewing the video, or photos embedded in this feature, just do not do her justice. For example, she has full-sized stainless steel sliding doors. If you didn’t know any better, they would look like they belong on this boat, but that alone represents a major change for an Outer Reef. In fact, we were the first to make that change. Going forward, the manufacturer is copying that design on future builds! But, for now the Punch is the only one you can find it on.

Unique Main Interior Ti Punch



Destry has also totally redesigned the entertainment features on this yacht. She replaced the often problematical “drop down” TV, with a 55 inch TV, in the corner recessed into the wall. This eliminated the problems with the motorized drop down, without compromising the look or the space of the interior. In fact, this design opens up more space in the salon, as well as more space upstairs on the aft deck.

The owners’ last motor yacht was a Lazzara 80, so they took a lot of the look and feel from that boat, such as the bar area, and the very open main salon. But again these interiors are very unique to an Outer Reef.

Another thing is you won’t find a real formal dining area. That is because they really wanted to make this boat all about family. They have kids and grandkids, and when the family is on board, they are either eating on one of the decks or in the lounge areas. So if you have a big family, this is a perfect yacht for you.

 It’s a Fun Boat

This really is a fun boat. It’s laid back, kind of informal, but even being casual, it is elegant and classy. A perfect blend of the finer things in life, with a “party animal” appeal. It may lack a formal dining area, but overall she is the nicest, and richest looking Outer Reef ever built.

Everything on this boat is custom, because the owner wanted an Outer Reef, but didn’t want the “typical” Outer Reef. It was a challenge to the builder, and they executed it brilliantly.

The Galley of Ti Punch Yacht

Even the galley area is different from anything the builders had ever done before. You simply cannot step aboard any other Outer Reef and find it has any resemblance to this boat. If you are in the market for a luxury yacht that is truly “one of a kind,” this is it.

Other Unique Features of This 86 Foot Outer Reef

The Ti Punch’s unique features do not stop at her interior. Her systems are all state-of- the-art, and her Captain, who has worked for years with the current owners, insisted on built in redundancies in her design. She can carry 3500 gallons of fuel as opposed to the usual 3000 gallons. She is “family friendly,” but was really designed to be a long range, “go anywhere” type of cruiser. There is an emergency back-up power generation system, and in the event of main engine failure, even a “get home system.” She also has a Shorepower system that allows you to plug in and get power anywhere in the world. This boat is completely self-sufficient.

State of the art electronics

All of the main electronics — Chartplotters, Nav System, Radar — all have built-in redundancies. There is also a top-flight “Ghost” security system which is generally recognized as the best in the industry.

She has four en suite state rooms, which means she can accommodate 8 guests, plus crew, which is also rather distinctive for a yacht of this size.

She also has dive gear, an onboard air compressor, and every “water toy” you could want: wakeboards, paddle boards, Jet Skis, a tender, and even a sail boat! There is also a cockpit and rods, reels and a fighting chair, if fishing is your thing!

If you are in the market for a truly exceptional 86 foot motor yacht, take a long sip of Ti Punch! Feel free to contact us for more information, or to arrange to see this remarkable boat for yourself.



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