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Blog | Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Yacht from Thieves

September 15, 2016

Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Yacht from Thieves

The idea of a large scale luxury motor yacht being stolen, may seem like a remote possibility. After all, there aren’t too many places a yacht thief could get away to and not be noticed! However, believe it or not, it does happen. The 60ft Ocean Alexander yacht, Change in Latitude, was spirited away from her Dania Beach marina in 2015. And, the truth is, your yacht is a juicy target for thieves, if not for the vessel itself, but for the valuable items believed to be on board.

That is why most yacht owners take security seriously, and invest heavily in security systems to protect their vessels and their passengers from criminal activity, both when docked or on the high seas.

Here are Ten Tips to help protect your yacht, or any kind of boat for that matter, from thieves.

1. Dock your boat in a secure, well-lit marina, preferably one with security guards.

2. This may sound obvious, but it is the obvious mistakes that attract thieves! So, never leave anything valuable where it can be seen. In fact, if you can, try not to leave any kind of valuables on the boat at all. If you cannot take them with you, make sure they are etched with some kind of identifying mark, and take photographs of any valuable items left on board.

3. Have an on-board security system complete with alarms, motion detectors, lights, and security cameras.

4. Make sure any cabinets, drawers, lockers, etc. are locked and secured anytime you leave your vessel unattended.

5. Keep your tender, its engines, and any personal watercraft onboard as secure as possible. These are some of the most attractive items to thieves. You can get anti-theft locks that are specifically designed for outboard engines.

engine lock

An example of an outboard motor lock

6. Again, an obvious one, but avoid “opportunity thefts” by taking your keys with you every time you need to walk away from the ignition.

7. Speaking of keys, keep the keys to your vessel and the engine keys separate, so if they should be lost or stolen, a would-be thief won’t have them both.

9. Make a list of the serial numbers of all the electronics on board. In the event that you yacht is broken into, and items like your radio, navigation system, on board TVs, computers etc., are stolen, give this list to authorities. In the event that anything does get ripped off from your yacht, it’s a good idea to check sites such as eBay or Craig’s List, to see if whoever stole your stuff is attempting to sell it. You should contact the authorities if you recognize any of your items being sold online.

protect valuables form theives

Protect onboard valuables with identifying technologies

10. A good way to protect your dingy, tender, or personal watercraft is to paint them with very bright colors or a unique pattern. Thieves will not want to steal something that is easily seen, and easily identifiable.


Your luxury motor yacht faces the same kinds of threats from thieves, burglars, and other criminals as your home, car or business. Maybe even more so, since by its very nature, a luxury motor yacht is a high-profile target.

However, you can minimize your risks by taking security seriously and following some commonsense crime prevention measures.

yacht security is serious

Yacht Security is Serious Business!



Understanding the complexities of motor yacht ownership can be hard. If you would like to benefit from our expertise in these areas, or if you have any questions or comments about this blog post, do not hesitate to contact our Sales Specialists, or call us at 954-900-9988.


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