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Blog | Top 5 Water Toys For Your Next Superyacht Adventure

May 25, 2022

Top 5 Water Toys For Your Next Superyacht Adventure

The high-octane thrill of zipping through the water is hard to beat and certainly bound to enliven any superyacht experience. But while a jet-ski is the adventurous toy du jour for many onboard, this isn’t the only watersports gear available for avid thrillseekers. From ultra-cool hydrofoils to state-of-the-art submersibles, there is a growing variety of adrenaline-rush-inducing equipment to add to the toy locker. In this article, 26NorthYachts going to introduce the top 5 water toys for superyacht adventure to maximize enjoyment.


Hydrofoil - Water Toys For Superyacht

Hydrofoils are lightweight surfboards that have a fin with wings attached to the bottom, enabling you to skim waves at up to 35 mph. Adding a whole new dimension to power boards, these toys are environmentally-friendly, emit zero emissions, and are controlled by a waterproof hand-held Bluetooth remote, meaning you can easily adjust your speed at the click of a button.

Once the preserve of world-leading surfers, hydrofoils are becoming increasingly sought after. For superyacht owners accomplished at surfing, these boards provide the perfect middle ground: you can dabble in the activity without needing the choppy weather conditions that could otherwise make your cruising experience unpleasant.

Flipboard is the company most renowned for its range of hydrofoils suited to all surfing abilities. Run times vary from model to model, but the majority can be recharged in less than 3 hours, so you can get straight back onto it in no time at all.


Submersible - Water Toys For Superyacht

One of the most coveted items to be found in any superyacht’s toy chest, this is the ultimate vessel for exploring dazzling underwater kingdoms. The crème de la crème of submersibles in 2022 is undoubtedly the uber-luxe U-Boat Worx Nemo. The most compact model in the world, it takes up less storage space than two jet skis, and is fitted with a single lifting point making it easily deployable— no cradle or davit needed. 

With the U-Boat Worx Nemo, you will have a front-row seat to shimmering shoals of angelfish and manta rays gliding overhead like floating carpet, while plummeting to a depth of up to 330 feet. And what could be a bigger adrenalin rush than coming face-to-face with a shark? 


Flyboard - Water Toys For Superyacht

If performing aerial somersaults and cartwheels while being thrust 65 feet into the air sounds appealing, then you should consider this exhilarating superyacht toy. The Flyboard is a water-jet-powered board that gains throttle by diverting the water output from a connected jet ski via a hose, propelling you sky-high. Riders strap on boots attached to the Flyboard, and jets underneath push it upward as the jet-ski below increases the engine speed. You have complete control over the direction of the Flyboard, simply by using your feet to shift weight or leaning forward to move. It’s also buoyant, allowing the rider to get much-needed rest between rip-roaring rides.

Don’t expect to be a maestro from the moment you strap yourself in: a little patience will be needed before you find enough balance to soar above the waters and perform high-speed acrobatics. But it is more intuitive than you might expect: it typically takes just 20 minutes before people on their first ride are able to gain control of their movement on a Flyboard.


Subwing - Water Toys For Superyacht

The Subwing is a new water sport board that makes you feel as if you are flying beneath the ocean surface. Attach it to your tender or jet-ski and glide through the water like a dolphin, admiring marine life below by hanging on to its wings and maneuvering them by tilting at different angles. Highly intuitive and easy to learn, the Subwing is an ideal water toy for novices and pros alike. And if you are keen to share the magical experience with another: up to two people at once can ride tandem on one of these toys.


Seabob/Sea Scooter - Water Toys For Superyacht

The Seabob also known as Sea Scooters,  takes diving to a whole new dimension, providing a spine-tinglingly fun way to spend an afternoon at sea. Lightweight, easy-to-use, and offering impressive maneuverability, this toy enables you to glide through the water like a dolphin at leisure or at speed, making it an ideal watersports option for all ability levels.

To steer, dive deeper (at a depth of up to 131 feet), or increase thrust, all you need to do is shift your bodyweight or apply pressure to the handlebars, and then enjoy the breathtaking subaquatic ride. And as the Seabob is eco-friendly, running as it does on near-silent electric propulsion, you can dive intimately close to majestic coral seascapes and admire marine life without causing a disturbance.

Thanks for reading, hope you will like the water toys for your next superyacht adventure.

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