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April 11, 2017

Ultimate Water Toys: Towables

If you think that a towable is only about bouncing through the waves on a donut shaped tube, think again!

Oh, sure there is a ton of fun to be had by kids and adults alike on those ubiquitous round tubes, but today’s towables can be much more extreme, and that’s why these once simple inflatables, now make our list of “Ultimate Water Toys.”

The Latest in Towable Water Toys

The great thing about towables, is that unlike wakeboards, or water skis, they really do not require any kind of great strength, skill, or physical condition to enjoy. Just about anyone from kids to senior citizens can have fun on a towable. There are even towables now such as the SportsStuff Poparazzi, that accommodate multiple passengers at a time!

Towables run the gamut, from the most basic, familiar one passenger tubes, such as O’Brien’s very popular Screamer, to towables that are more a “ride-in,” than a “ride-on,” such as the Gladiator by Sonex, which is great for those seeking a tamer ride, to the extreme excitement of the Two-Passenger Sea-Doo Evo Pro, which looks less like a tube, and more like the wings of a stingray or airfoil!

No matter which type of towable you choose, here are some basic tips for their safe use and operation, as provided by Boating Magazine.

  • Tow Point
    Towers or center-mount pylons are perfectly suitable for pulling wakeboarders or skiers, but you should never attach your tube’s tow rope to either of these points. If the tube became submerged while towing, the amount of stress on the boat would be tremendous and potentially damaging. Attach your tow rope to the transom ski tow or use a bridle.

O'Brien Screamer

  • Air Pressure
    Towables should be inflated to their maximum air pressure. An underinflated towable can lead to a loose cover, which can catch on the water instead of skimming over it. All tube valves are easy to use and allow for quick inflation or deflation from either a manual or electric pump.
  • Safety and Awareness
    It goes without saying that boat drivers and all participants in towed watersports need to be constantly aware of other boats, buoys and other large floating objects. This doubly applies to towables, which do not have the same maneuverability as wakeboarders or water-skiers. Be extra cautious when pulling someone on a towable.
Sea-Doo Evo Pro

Sea-Doo Evo Pro

Towables join a growing list of yacht charter “add-ons” such as the Flyboard and the Jet Lev Flyer that are taking water toys to new levels of excitement!

Your Charter, You Choose Your Water Toys!

At 26 North Yachts, we always want you to have the charter experience of a lifetime. That is why we are constantly adding new boats, and the latest and greatest water toys to our packages. If there is a water toy that you have heard about and have been clamoring to try like a water bike, but do not see it listed among our current water toy options, let us know, and we will do everything we can to find it for you!

poporazzi towable


Choosing the right charter experience can be challenging. If you would like to benefit from our expertise in these areas, or if you have any questions or comments about this blog post, do not hesitate to contact our Charter Specialists, or call us at 954-235-3468

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