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May 23, 2016

Another Car Maker Dives into Luxury Motor Yacht Design

A few weeks back we reported on the Granturismo, the first luxury yacht to be designed by Mercedes-Benz. Not be outdone, another luxury automaker is trying its hand at yacht design. Quintessence Yachts recently revealed the AM37, which it built in conjunction with Aston Martin. With its  super sporty looks, and that kind of pedigree, do not be surprised if the AM37 is featured in an upcoming James Bond movie!

But this yacht is no silver screen fantasy. It is expected to be launched later this year.  According to Ben Collett, production director for Quintessence, one of the most highly anticipated luxury yacht launches of 2016 is that much closer!

Speaking to the press, Collet recently said, “It has been fantastic to see the designs move from concept through engineering and tooling to operating systems. The mechanical and electrical systems have been installed and we’ve been able to test run the various powered systems that represent a key feature of the boat.”

Collet and Quintessence are still keeping many of the details of the features of the AM37 close to the vest. However, what we do know, is that she is 37 feet long and will be offered with three propulsion options. The standard AM37 will come with a pair of 370-horsepower Mercury diesel engines. Then there will be a version with a pair of 430-hp Mercury gasoline engines, and the top of the line, seemingly reserved for 007 himself, will be the AM37S which will have a pair of 520-hp Mercury gasoline engines. Whether that “S” version will also be sporting flame throwers and missile launchers, remains to be seen!

Other Features of the AM37 Aston Martin Yacht

In true secret agent fashion, the yacht’s array of high-tech computers and gadgetry can be concealed by a “unique sliding deck which allows for the cockpit to be covered after a day out on the water, protecting it from the elements and uninvited guests.” The unique deck design consists of three carbon panels that are opened or closed by the  AM37’s command key. Once the cockpit is open, the aft deck slides back to facilitate access to the dock and allow those on-board to easily dive into the water and open the swimming ladder.

James Bond Yacht

The sports car-like motor yacht also features integrated navigation, control monitors and entertainment systems, with advanced multimedia functions and interactive voice control. Collet says the AM37 was designed to be true to the Aston Martin brand, and is a “drivers boat.” The idea is for the owner of an Aston Martin sports-car to be able to zip up to the doc, and zip off in his “sports-boat.”

Other Unique Luxury Motor Yachts

If you are an auto enthusiast that is as excited as we are about these collaborations between designers of fine automobiles and yacht builders, we would be happy to see if we could “put you behind the wheel” of one of these incredible new machines!

If a more traditional, but equally luxurious motor yacht is more your speed, we can certainly help you there as well. Feel free to contact us about any motor yacht in our new or pre-owned listings.
AM 37 Interior


It’s not always easy to stay on top of what’s new in motor yachts. If you would like to benefit from our expertise in these areas, or if you have any questions or comments about this blog post, do not hesitate to contact our Sales Specialists, or call us at 954-900-9988.

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