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Welcome to 26 North Yachts, an exclusive yachting website where you can find an extensive collection of yachts for sale and charter. We pride ourselves on our worldwide database with available yacht sales and charters and look forward to helping you find the perfect yacht for your needs.

As you can see above, our website makes it easy to search yachts and yacht brands easily, regardless of the location of the boat, its price, or other characteristics. We are partnered with leading shipping providers to help you find the best new yachts for sale, explore the largest fleet, and plan your yacht purchase.

Buying and selling boats have never been more accessible, no matter what length, price, market, or unique features you are looking for in the search results. Our primary expertise is to connect buyers with yacht sellers and ensure a safe purchase.

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Whether you are looking for a catamaran, a Sunseeker, a superyacht, or a boat for a couple of guests, you can rely on our team of experts managing our website and narrow down your search for the best yachts for sale. We know that finding the right boat is never easy and that the market is limited – however, our range of boats for sale and details for each listing make it easy to buy or sell a boat or shop for listings online.

We work with numerous brokers responsible for a smooth yacht delivery process and a service designed to take care of all aspects from A to Z with minimal wear and tear. We can help you get into the yachting lifestyle quickly and offer a service that will deliver your vessel from any location to anywhere in the world in a straightforward and timely manner.

At 26 North Yachts, we are dedicated to helping each buyer or seller find a listing within their budget or sell their boat for a reasonable price. Thanks to our dedication and longstanding relationships with yacht buyers and sellers, we have access to more listings and continuously update our website. Simply put, our mission is to help you find the perfect yacht or sell your yacht to the right buyer quickly and easily.

Motor and Sailing YachtsFor Aspiring Owners 

Here, you can search for everything and browse yacht sales from different locations worldwide. We strive to feature the finest yachts and boats from premium names – our collection also features yachts for sale from legendary names and some well-known explorer boats on the market.

Buying a motor yacht is now easy – our team at 26 North Yachts can match your needs with a listing that has the right price, is on sale, and give you proper guidance and support during the buying process.

You can now buy a yacht for yourself or as a present for your family. Owning a superyacht has never been easier – all you need to do is check out the market, search for a yacht, agree on the right price, and organize the delivery and available shipyards worldwide.

If you used the search filters but cannot find a yacht matching your needs in the results, make sure to expand on your search and consider similar products. Also, keep in mind that continuous updates and new listings are part of the service we provide – so that you can revisit our website, find a yacht and only agree on a price when you are ready to buy it.

For SaleYachts With Worldwide Delivery 

Suppose you are looking for luxury yachts and want delivery to your location. In that case, you should know that we are partnering with organizations that ensure a smooth boat sale with delivery included in the price. The boats for sale on our website are from different locations worldwide. Still, you can lock in the best price and get your yacht delivered to your location in Fort Lauderdale, other parts of Florida (FL), or internationally.

You can use the filters on our website to shop for a range of yachts, see the boats listed most recently by date, or save them in your browser’s bookmarks so that you can revisit our website. Owning a superyacht is certainly one of the best feelings in the world, and our team is here to make your search for your yacht easy.

Buying a yacht is one of the best decisions you will make in your life, and finding it from a collection of yachts on sale is undoubtedly a deal you can agree on. No matter the length of the yacht, its features, or the specific make and model, we are here to support you and show you our commitment to finding the best yachts for sale for your needs.

Our Quick TipsFor Buying A Yacht 

You are not alone if you want to take your boating to the next level and invest in a new or used yacht. The yachting industry is growing year by year, and here are some of the most essential tips you will need directly from our yacht-buying guide:

Deciding on the correct type of boat –

Length and price would be some of the primary filters; knowing that there are hundreds of makes and models out there makes choosing a yacht tricky.

Setting a budget –

As we said above, having a budget for your boat is essential, but also make sure to include money for insurance, fuel, ongoing maintenance, and storage throughout the year.

Decide on additional equipment –

Nowadays, yachts have many distinctive features, such as grills, freezers, washers and dryers, air conditioning, etc.

Read some reviews –

Online reviews are great and can help ease your yacht-buying process.

Ask for a trial –

You can always contact us as your yacht seller and ask for a sea trial, which is essentially a test drive for your yacht.

Use licensed and well-known yacht brokers

If you are in the market for a yacht, we always recommend working with our professionals at 26North, that can arrange everything for your needs.

About Us 26 North Yachts – Luxury Yachts For Sale 

Now that you have seen our site, we have the latest boat models available in Miami and super yachts for sale. You can submit your inquiry, and one of our representatives will contact you shortly. We also accept payments in different currencies and also cryptocurrencies.

Once you have found a boat you see fit for your needs, save the project, and we will contact the seller to ask whether they have a special price. With hundreds to thousands of luxury yachts for sale, we are one of the best yachting sites worldwide that commit to featuring stunning yachting products known for their aesthetics.

At 26 North Yachts, we have sailed, worked, and raced on motor yachts across different continents. Our love for yachts is real, and we know how difficult it can be to find a dream yacht on sale. That is why we dedicated ourselves to improving the yacht market and are seen as a valuable contributor to the worldwide yachting industry. We work with numerous brokers worldwide.

So, if you are looking for the finest yachts for sale or charter or want to browse boats and superyachts and plan your future purchase, our team is here to provide you with the best selection of yachts from everywhere around the world.

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