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Yacht Charter Management

Seamless. Personalized. Extraordinary Charter Management for the Yachting Lifestyle 

Truly understand the rewards of ownership

As liberating as a cruise on a clear day. With 26 North Charter, yacht owners enjoy white-glove charter management for complete peace-of-mind on those occasions when you aren’t on the water.

Far and away at your advantage

From the moment your yacht engages 26 North Charter services, you acquire the full attention of an experienced in-house charter manager dedicated to positioning your vessel front and center in a competitive global network. Our team secures only the most compatible opportunities to unlock your vessel’s earning power, while your own private use and enjoyment remain the top priority.

Turnkey,from stem to stern 

Envision your yacht with engagingly beautiful video, photography, and collateral. 26 North’s retail charter brokers leverage diverse strategies, marketing to the right audience — through SEO, email, Multiple Listing Service, open houses, boat shows, exclusive events — to shine the spotlight on your asset and its exquisite capabilities, amenities, toys and tenders.

Whether owners seek to maximize their yacht’s charter potential with year-round or seasonal charter, our team handles all the details that you would rather not:

Maintaining a robust booking calendar
Marketing scaled to ultra-luxury travelers
Fielding inquiries & negotiating rates
Managing contracts, Advance Provisioning Allowance details & charter client communications
Collecting & disbursing funds
Arranging transportation to & from the boat
All you need to do is enjoy the benefits of an asset that grows in the value you realize, season after season.

Play and profit, the best of both worlds 

Clients trust 26 North Charter to maximize their vessels’ charter potential without complication — a service that enhances the best moments of being a yacht owner. No detail of this experience is unattended.

Call and discover how our program can add measureless value to yacht ownership, and the other advantages 26 North brings to every aspect of your yachting lifestyle.

“My yacht is my investment. In the hands of 26 North, I trust them completely to book qualified clients and maximize its revenue potential.”

FAQ.Frequently AskedQuestions 

Is chartering my yacht profitable?

Chartering offsets the cost of ownership, and in most cases will cover the costs of crew and regular annual maintenance.

How is the charter rate determined?

Several factors may make your yacht more desirable to charter clients. Onboard amenities (a hot tub on smaller yachts, for example, working up to onboard saunas and movie theaters on larger yachts), the number of sleeping accommodations, toys and tenders that come along with the yacht, locations where the yacht charters, age of the vessel — all these elements are considered when setting weekly charter rates.

Will I still be able to use my yacht when I want?

Will I still be able to use my yacht when I want?
Yes, 26 North Charter will work with your schedule to ensure there are no conflicts whatsoever. However, owners might wish to schedule their trips around dates that are more profitable for charter. For example, the week between Christmas and New Year’s is a popular time, and the yacht could command a higher fee.

What should I know about staffing the crew?

Charter yachts typically employ additional crew members to make the guest experience onboard more luxurious. Additionally, the crew are the face of your operation, so you want to make sure you have the right crew in place. (A bad chef, for example, can ruin an entire experience.) The good news is that charter yachts attract more experienced crew (because the tips are good, and the crews of privately owned vessels don’t typically receive them).

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