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December 20, 2021

Bombardier Jets: Facing the Future in Peerless Style

This time last year, the skies were eerily quiet. With international travel brought to a deadening standstill by the emergence of COVID-19, there were rumors aplenty of the business and private jet industry entering a slump from which it may never recover. Against the backdrop of an unprecedented period of mergers, acquisitions, and general shake-ups amongst the biggest names on the private jet scene, such rumors didn’t feel particularly unfounded.

Fast forward to the present day, and business jet activity is rapidly surpassing pre-Covid levels, ascending to wholly new heights of not just popularity and usage, but of ambition regarding design, excellence, and bold new horizons. Leading this reinvigorated trend and period of unexpected – yet hugely welcome – growth is the business jet brand more synonymous than any other with a perfect balance of power, efficiency, luxury, and style: Bombardier.

Global Leaders in High-End Aviation

The brand behind Learjet – the industry-defining private aircraft whose legend is rapidly coming to a close, with the last ever Learjet set to be built later this year – has consistently been closely associated with luxury travel, ever since it entered the high-end aviation sector in the 1980s. Forever committed to innovation and envelope-pushing developments for the world’s super-rich business and leisure travelers, the brand has unfailingly positioned itself at the cutting edge of a ferociously competitive industry.

Indeed, this spirit of competition (and the willingness to repeatedly outdo not only other brand leaders but also the Bombardier brand itself) has seen Bombardier cement a reputation for excellence and efficiency unmatched by any other aviation company. This was perhaps best exemplified by the arrival of the Bombardier Global 7500 at the end of 2018. Launched as one of the fastest private jets in the world with its blistering top speed of 650 miles per hour and continent-spanning range of 8,225 nautical miles, it represented a new dawn for the brand while heralding the end of the Learjet era.

Reaching New Heights in an Invigorated Industry

With a worldwide fleet of unparalleled aircraft, each matching efficacy with the brand’s signature dedication to luxury interiors and effortless comfort, Bombardier has proven itself more than capable of overcoming the hurdles of the past year.

This summer, Bombardier announced its largest business jet order in quite some time; ten new aircraft, sold to an existing customer, with a value of $451.8 million US. Providing perhaps the clearest example yet of the recession-proof nature of both the private aviation industry and the brand itself, this sale demonstrates the enduring appeal of the business jet, as well as the ongoing aspirations of the company.

This latest order of ten world-class aircraft will join the 4,900 Bombardier jets distributed worldwide to those seeking comfort, speed, and peace of mind when it comes to their travel needs and requirements. From private aircraft collections to fractional ownership deals, and from the iconic class of the Learjet to the next-generation luxury of the Global 7500, there’s little doubt that Bombardier will continue to grow from strength to strength, and consistently appeal to those who refuse to settle for second-best.

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