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Facts and Questions About the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) is an annual spectacle that draws boating enthusiasts and industry professionals from across the globe. With its grandeur and reputation, FLIBS can be both thrilling and overwhelming for newcomers and veterans alike. In this article, we’ll explore some key facts and common questions about this iconic event.

Facts About FLIBS

26 North Yachts Boat Show

The World’s Largest In-Water Boat Show: FLIBS is undeniably the biggest in-water boat show globally, featuring over 1,500 boats and yachts on display.

A Show with History: Established in 1959, the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show has a rich history spanning more than six decades. It has evolved into a global showcase for the marine industry.

Economic Impact: Beyond its prestige, FLIBS significantly impacts the local economy. It generates millions of dollars in revenue for Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas each year.

Dates and Location: FLIBS typically takes place in late October. It is spread across multiple locations in Fort Lauderdale, with the primary sites being Bahia Mar Yachting Center, Pier 66 Marina, and the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center.

Diverse Exhibitors: The event hosts a diverse range of exhibitors, from luxury yacht manufacturers to marine technology companies, making it a one-stop-shop for boating enthusiasts.

Common Questions About FLIBS


Q1: Who Attends FLIBS?
A1: FLIBS attracts a broad audience, including boating enthusiasts, yacht brokers, industry professionals, and even celebrities. It’s a magnet for anyone with an interest in the marine world.


Attends FLIBS

Q2: How Can I Buy Tickets?
A2: Tickets can be purchased online through the official FLIBS website or at the event’s entrances. There are various ticket options, including single-day passes and multi-day packages.

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Q3: Are Children Allowed?
A3: Yes, children are welcome at FLIBS. In fact, there are family-friendly activities and exhibits to entertain younger attendees.

Q4: Can I Board the Boats?
A4: Many of the boats on display are accessible for boarding, allowing visitors to explore their interiors and get a feel for life on the water. However, some vessels may be off-limits for safety or privacy reasons.

Board the Boats

Q5: Is Parking Available?
A5: Yes, there are parking options available near the event sites, although parking fees may apply. Visitors can also use water taxis and shuttle buses to access FLIBS.

Q6: Are Pets Allowed?
A6: Pets are generally not permitted at FLIBS, with exceptions made for service animals. It’s advisable to check the specific event policies for any updates or changes regarding pets.

Q7: What Should I Wear?
A7: Dress comfortably and consider the weather, as you’ll be walking outdoors and potentially boarding boats. Many attendees opt for casual, nautical-themed attire. Be sure to wear shoes that can easily slip off as most yachts do not allow shoes.


Q8: Can I Buy Boats at FLIBS?
A8: Yes, you can buy boats at FLIBS. Many exhibitors offer boats and yachts for sale, and this is an excellent opportunity to speak directly with sellers and brokers.

Buy Boats

Q9: Can I make an appointment in advance?
A9: Yes, in fact we recommend it. This ensures time for the sales broker to spend time with you and tour the yachts of interest. If you would like to set up an appointment with a 26 North Sales Team Member, visit our FLIBS page here.

Q9: What About Food and Refreshments?
A9: FLIBS offers a wide range of dining options, from gourmet food trucks to sit-down restaurants. You can enjoy seafood, international cuisine, and refreshing beverages during your visit.

Food and Refreshments

Q10: Is FLIBS Accessible for People with Disabilities?
A10: FLIBS strives to be accessible to all visitors. The event provides facilities and services to accommodate individuals with disabilities, including accessible entrances, restrooms, and seating areas.

Whether you’re a seasoned boater or just curious about the marine world, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is an event worth experiencing. With its vast array of vessels, marine innovations, and stunning waterfront views, FLIBS is a celebration of all things nautical and an unforgettable experience for all who attend. If you are attending the show and would like to set up a VIP appointment with one of our sales team members, please inquire here.

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