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hurricane preparedness
Home » News » Hurricane Preparation: Essential Steps to Safeguard Your Yacht July 7, 2023

Hurricane Preparation: Essential Steps to Safeguard Your Yacht

When hurricane season approaches, yacht owners face the critical task of protecting their valuable vessels from potential damage. Properly preparing your yacht for a hurricane can make a significant difference in its survival and minimize the risk of costly repairs. In this article, we will guide you through essential steps to ensure your yacht is well-prepped and ready to weather the storm.

Secure a Safe Harbor

Hurricane Preparedness

Choosing a secure harbor is paramount when preparing for a hurricane. Seek out marinas or anchorages with sturdy infrastructure, protective breakwaters, and well-maintained docks. Confirm availability and make reservations in advance to ensure a spot for your yacht.

Create a Hurricane Plan

hurricane preparedness

Developing a comprehensive hurricane plan is crucial for organized and efficient preparation. Outline the necessary actions, assign responsibilities to crew members, and establish communication protocols. Consider collaborating with a professional yacht management company to leverage their expertise in handling extreme weather events.

Review Insurance Coverage

hurricane preparedness

Before hurricane season, review your yacht’s insurance policy to understand coverage in the event of a storm. Ensure it includes provisions for hurricane damage, salvage, and potential relocation expenses. If necessary, consult with your insurance provider to make any adjustments or additions to the policy.

Secure and Protect Exterior

hurricane preparedness


Properly securing the exterior of your yacht can help prevent damage from high winds and flying debris. Follow these guidelines:

  • Remove all loose items from decks, including furniture, equipment, and accessories.
  • Remove sails and store them in a secure location.
  • Double-check that all hatches, ports, and windows are tightly sealed.
  • Wrap mooring lines with chafe protection and secure them to robust cleats or bollards.
  • Consider adding additional lines or employing storm lines to minimize movement.

Prepare the Interior

hurricane preparedness

Protecting the interior of your yacht is equally important. Take the following steps:

Remove valuable items, electronics, and personal belongings from the yacht.
Secure all loose items within cabinets and lockers.
Close and secure all seacocks to prevent water ingress.
Inspect and test bilge pumps to ensure proper functionality.
Consider installing high-water alarms for added security.

Document and Photograph

hurricane preparedness

Thoroughly document your yacht’s condition before the storm to facilitate insurance claims, if necessary. Take detailed photographs of the interior, exterior, and key equipment. Make a written inventory of valuable items and their location on board.

Stay Informed and Communicate

hurricane preparedness

Stay updated on weather forecasts and advisories from reputable sources. Establish a reliable communication system to receive real-time updates and instructions from authorities or marina personnel. Maintain contact with your crew, marina staff, and emergency services as needed.

Preparing your yacht for a hurricane demands careful planning, attention to detail, and timely action. By securing a safe harbor, creating a hurricane plan, and taking necessary steps to protect both the exterior and interior of your vessel, you can significantly increase its chances of withstanding the storm. Prioritize safety, seek professional guidance when needed, and ensure your insurance coverage is comprehensive. Remember, proactive preparation is the key to safeguarding your cherished yacht and minimizing potential damage caused by hurricanes.

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