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In 1963, Sanzio Nicolini founded CRN (Costruzioni e Riparazioni Navali) in Ancona, Italy, beginning in small crafts and quickly moving into larger vessels. In 1999, CRN became a part of the Ferretti Group, launching 141-foot “Magnifica” as its first venture, and the first hull in a successful line. CRN joined forces with Custom Line (another Ferretti division) in 2002 enabling expansion into maxiyacht production in composite. In 2003, CRN added a shipyard next door, creating one of the largest production facilities in Europe.

Today, CRN is a principal world builder of fully customizable luxury megayachts in steel and aluminum from 54 meters (177 feet) to 85 meters (279 feet) with two lines of semi-custom yachts (known as the Custom Line) in composite of 40 meters (Planing CRN 128) and 43 meters (Displacement CRN 43). With an unmistakable bow, a CRN creation reflects exclusivity and prestige, in addition to advanced technologies and design precision. CRN boasts a fleet of well over 100 motoryachts.

Well-known CRNs over 50 meters (164 feet) include “Givi” and “Ability,” in addition to composite planing custom line vessels “Anne Marie” and “Lavina.” CRN Navetta 43 motoryacht (141 feet) “Lady Trudy” features an all-American, upscale beach house style interior. The 60m CRN 130 motoryacht “Darlings Danama,” at 197 feet, is a displacementyachtt built in steel and aluminum with interior design by Alexandre e Cristina Negoescu. The 60-meter (197 feet) “Blue Eyes” showcases a sleek bow, blue hull, large volume, and wide open spaces opening to the sea.

The new concept “Dislopen” is actually a range (46m, 52m, and 62m) of innovative steel and aluminum boats that combine the shape and style of a high performance open yacht with the volume and comfort of a large displacement yacht. With a sporty look but able to make longer trips, this CRN model series has four to five decks. The CRN 52-meter (171 feet) Classic Superyacht blends trends and technology in a fully customized steel and aluminum displacement yacht with closer contact with the sea thanks to the outdoor beach club at the stern and on the master terrace.

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