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Offering high quality, semi-custom yachts from its state-of-the-art facility in Taiwan, Horizon Yachts is one of the tenth largest yacht builders in the world. It was founded by John Lu in 1987 who desired to create the ultimate dream yachts for discerning clients. In 1993, he entered the luxury megayacht market.

Under the Horizon Group, Vision Yachts focuses on smaller sized yachts, Horizon Yachts on medium to large-sized yachts, and Premier Yacht produces the luxury megayachts. Atech Composites creates stronger and lighter hulls for the shipyards.

Horizon maintains flexibility with its clients in the design and construction process allowing for customization to fit a client’s lifestyle, while still delivering on safety, reliability, and performance. Custom built cabinetry, fine woods, and exceptional finishes routinely grace Horizon Yachts. An innovator in the industry, Horizon uses the trademarked SCRIMP resin-infusion molding process, originally developed by the U.S. Navy to add a level of strength, durability, and consistency with a reduced overall weight.

Horizon offers eight series of luxury yachts in the market ranging from 23 feet in the Horizon SC23 to 148 feet in the Horizon EP148: EP (expedition type), E (Euro type), AC (Catamaran type), P (custom made luxury yachts), T (sport fishing), SC (solar yacht), RP (raised pilothouse), and V (traditional appearance). In addition, they feature a Custom Collection.

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