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Westport Yachts for Sale

Westport got its start in 1964 with commercial fishing boats in the North Pacific, contributing to their strength today as a builder of seaworthy luxury motoryachts. In fact, Westport is currently one of the largest producers of 85- to 164-foot fiberglass yachts, yielding from yards in either Westport and Hoquiam, Wash., or Port Angeles. Models include the Westport 98 Raised Pilothouse Motoryacht, Westport 112 Raised Pilothouse Motoryacht, Westport 130 Tri-Deck Motoryacht, Westport 164 Tri-Deck Motoryacht, and Pacific Mariner 85 Raised Pilothouse Motoryacht.

A pioneer in composite construction, Westport Yachts are lighter weight and thus faster and more fuel-efficient than vessels made with steel or aluminum. Westport Yachts are also quieter in their operation, less susceptible to corrosion, and offer excellent structural integrity thanks to the composite materials.

Westport’s pricing is extremely competitive due to standardized builds with series style construction. In fact, the entire boat can be built in only four basic components. Attractive to buyers desiring to get into the luxury yacht game, Westport still offers the finer touches such as teak and cherry wood design, marble and granite inlays. And, while technologies and materials like “infusion, resin impregnation, and advanced coring materials” sound technical, they directly relate to the quality output of Westport.

Westport Yachts’ standardized construction has allowed them to design , perfect, and replicate ideal luxury motoryachts from the inside out, delivering on owners’ expectations of reliability, quality, dependability, speed, range, and handling characteristics.

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