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January 18, 2019

Facebook Poll: Penny vs. Yacht

The first option in our January 17th Facebook poll was “Charlotte Princess”, a custom 1956 122′ charter yacht currently listed for sale in British Columbia, Canada. She can sleep a whopping 36 guests and 16 crew and appears to be in relatively decent shape.

The second option in our Facebook poll was an ultra-rare copper penny from 1943. All but twenty pennies from this year were made from zinc-coated steel – that’s because, in the middle of World War II, copper was badly needed for shell casings. Expected to fetch $1.7 million at auction last week, this penny came up WAY short with a final bid of $204,000.

Both the yacht and the penny are worth roughly the same, just around the $200,000 mark.  So what happened? Well, after 24 hours of trading the number #1 spot in the poll, “Charlotte Princess” narrowly won. When all was said and done, the yacht edged out the copper penny 53% to 47%. A real nail biter! And that’s exactly what we like to see in our Facebook polls.

Read more about last week’s “auction flop” for the penny here:

Check out “Charlotte Princess” here:

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