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Follow the road less traveled and reconnect with nature at one of Time + Tide’s luxurious camps. Time + Tide are pioneers in luxury safaris in Zambia, each offering a unique luxury African experience to feel truly alive. 

Zambia, Africa’s best-kept secret, is the perfect location to gaze over the vast pristine wilderness areas, with various camps nestled around Liuwa Plain and the Lower Zambezi Valley. With decades of expertise under their belts, their staff has most likely thought of your every need while you take in the nature surrounding you.


Although the accommodation is called “camp,” it’s the height of luxury for guests. Think 1920s safari meets world-class modern amenities. Each and every room, view, and deck looks as if it jumped off the pages of a travel magazine.

The camps are a relaxing retreat after a day of exploring. It’s truly indoor/ outdoor living with only grass walls and light-as-air curtains separating you from the great outdoors. The camps are thoughtfully situated to experience total privacy as you laze around your pool, scouting for elephants passing by.

Each camp has a verandah that stretches out overlooking the river. Here, you’ll be served mimosas and a gourmet breakfast to start the day right. If you’re in need of some R&R, there’s a private soaking tub with panoramic views over the river. Time + Tide also offers in-room spa treatments that can cater to your relaxation needs and help you unwind. 

After an incredible night drive, revealing all the nocturnal wildlife, you can head back to your feather-top bed and fall asleep to the sounds of African wildlife.



In the 70 years that Time + Tide has operated, their focus has always been to tread lightly but with great impact. Just by simply visiting one of their camps, guests contribute to long-term sustainability in the area. The Time + Tide Foundation invests in the future of wildlife by helping to empower communities and support anti-poaching operations. 

Unforgettable Experiences

Private safari bush experience

Private safari bush experience - Luxury African Experience

Safaris are at the heart of an African holiday. Fortunately, Zambia is renowned for its wildlife, particularly elephants and leopards. Trained guides will take you on wildlife drives and walking safaris to explore the wilderness and maybe even spot a few apex predators, like lion pride and large hyena clans.

The area is commonly referred to as the Valley of the Leopard, so you’ll be sure to see a few big cat sightings. Each camp is known for different wildlife, like wildebeest, elephants, hippos, cheetahs, and rare birdlife, but the guides are able to find animal diversity for an authentic safari experience.

As the sun sets, you’ll be whisked away to dine under the stars. There’s just something about an African night sky that’s incomparable. In the bush, surrounded by nothing but nature, Time + Tide offers world-class dining in the wild. You’ll find yourself surrounded by lanterns under a blanket of stars.


The sleepout experience - Luxury African Experience

The sleepout experience

If you’re feeling brave, take a walk on the wild side with the ultimate safari experience. The camp’s signature journey is Time + Tide Sleepout. If you have a sense of adventure and are looking for an extraordinary experience, this journey seamlessly blends comfortably and is memorable.

Comfort is essential, and you’ll find yourself with a cozy bed, a bush loo, and chefs that celebrate the country’s cuisine. You’ll fall asleep under a sky full of stars while hearing the wildlife at a safe distance. 


Helicopter Expedition 

Time + Tide has a 12-day planned expedition where you’ll feel like one of the first explorers in Africa. Traveling in their helicopter, you’ll explore unreachable places and soar over untamed landscapes. They’ve planned the itinerary so guests can see as much wildlife and wilderness as possible.

Day 1- 3

Liuwa Plain National Park, Zambia

Liuwa Plain National Park, Zambia - Luxury African Experience

In Liuwa Plain National Park, you can witness the second-largest wildebeest movement among other rare wildlife sightings. 

Day 4- 6

Kasanka National Park, Zambia

At Kasanka, there’s the largest migration in the world as the sky comes alive with millions of fluttering fruit bats. 

Day 7- 9

Bangweulu Wetlands, Zambia

Relax and enjoy the serenity of the Bangweulu Wetlands. You’ll also get a chance to search for the elusive Shoebill. 

Day 9- 12

South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

On your way to South Luangwa Valley, you’ll stop off at Nsalu caves to look at San rock paintings over 20,000 years old. 


Ready to plan your safari? Reach out to 26 North Concierge for expert assistance with Time + Tide bookings and luxury travel experiences all around the world. Our new membership-based concierge program is the key to incredible, rarified experiences wherever you go – even at home. Contact us today to learn more.

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