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Blog | What to Look for When Choosing a Luxury Yacht

March 13, 2023

What to Look for When Choosing a Luxury Yacht

Many people dream of a luxury yacht vacation, but few go beyond that. Welcome to 26 North for Choosing a Luxury Yacht, where we will explore what type of yacht you might want to look into for your next dream vacation.

We’ll explore the options, from the monohull to the catamaran, sailing yacht, or motor yacht, and which will work best for you, your friends, and your family. Vacationing on a yacht is spectacular, but having the right amenities is essential.

Should You Make a Luxury Yacht Purchase?

When looking at vacationing on a yacht, there are a few things to consider. The biggest one will be if you want to own or rent a yacht for your vacation. Of course, there are pros and cons to both.

Buying a luxury yacht is a serious undertaking that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  When you purchase, you will need to consider the interest rates, if you plan to get a loan, insurance costs, broker’s commission, operating costs, maintenance on an annual basis, down payment, and what it takes to have your own boat. It would be best if you also considered the current market conditions.

Yes, this means it is at your disposal whenever needed. But it will require, in many cases, crew and some other overhead expenses besides the purchase that you also need to consider. The resale value and additional costs are also things to consider. Yacht owners have their perks. But they also come with quite a bit of responsibility.

There are different-sized vessels, some of which are smaller yachts that many people can man themselves, but our yacht brokers would be able to answer further questions regarding owning your first yacht. Give us a call at 954-900-9988 to find out more.

You can also save a little cash with a pre-owned yacht vs. a custom yacht. The yachting industry is vast, and finding the perfect luxury yacht for your next vacation at a fair price, will be very simple with the right broker.

Chartering a Luxury Yacht

Chartering a Luxury Yacht

Next, you might consider chartering a yacht. If you are looking at one or maybe two trips a year, this is far more affordable and allows you to experience different destinations without getting the yacht to the next destination.

For example, you could charter in Alaska, Belize, or Greece. We offer charters worldwide in various accommodation levels to allow guests to experience staying on a yacht without the ownership expenses.

Things to Look for in Luxury Yachts

Larger and mega yachts come with their own swimming pools and storage space for water toys, such as jet skis or smaller boats, to make it easy to get ashore.

What type of yacht you charter will depend on how many guests you expect. This is both for the chartered or purchased versions. Quite often, however, if you want to purchase, you might be offered a sea trial to determine how the boat feels under tow.

Speak to a Yacht Broker

To enjoy your next vacation on a yacht, you first need to start with a yacht broker such as 26 North Yachts. You should start by listing amenities you would like on your yacht.

An important factor is whether you are purchasing or chartering, the location you are looking at, and the budget. Telling as much information as possible will help us to find you that yacht of your dreams.

Furthermore, let us know if you choose to become yacht owners or want to charter this time. Either way, our team of experts can guide you on what is best based on your wants list.


Whether you are looking at chartering or buying, we all must understand the budget. This will allow us to find the perfect yacht for you. As a yacht broker, we understand the ins and outs of the boating industry and can also help you with this should you need more information on how the entire process works.

We offer many different types of yachts for purchase, such as custom yachts, pre-owned yachts, new yachts, semi-custom yachts, motor yachts, or custom-built boats.

Of course, when looking for a charter for your vacation, you have many of the same options as if you were purchasing. The size, type, and design are all something to consider. We are not just here for yacht buying. We also offer charters to allow guests to enjoy the open seas on a chartered yacht without all the expenses of owning one.

Either way, the budget will help us narrow down the right yacht for you.

Chartering a Yacht

In many cases, the maximum number of allowed passengers on a chartered yacht with a crew is 12 by law. This is something to keep in mind as well. If you have a larger party, we will try to find you a SOLAS-classed yacht to accommodate more.

You must also determine how many beds and baths you need to enjoy your space with your guests comfortably. Remember that some yachts have special quarters already assigned for supernumeraries who are not considered guests, such as personal trainers, nurses, nannies, security guards, and other human services you may need while away.

Once we have all the details, we can offer suggestions on purchasing or chartering a vessel.

The Destination and the Date

The Destination and the Date - Choosing a Luxury Yacht

Making your first yacht purchase shouldn’t be a rushed decision. This is a critical decision, and we understand that.

Many people like to charter their preferred destination to try it out and see if they like the area and the amenities of that area. For example, there is an entirely different feel in the Caribbean than there is along the European coast. While a yacht can travel anywhere at sea, traveling across the ocean can be costly.

Finding a yacht already near or in the destination you want to travel to makes more sense for many of our customers. Moving yachts any distance across high seas can add up fuel costs but must also be carefully planned. Not all models are equipped to handle rough seas well. Furthermore, many of our clients don’t want the experience of rough seas if it can be avoided.

The date and destination will help us narrow down what yachts are available in that area for that time frame.

Sailing or Motor – Which Do You Prefer?

This is usually a preference for sailing or a motor yacht. While there is a noticeable difference, there are other things to consider. With a Sailboat, there will be ropes and pulleys, and you will need the knowledge to sail, should you not want to have a crew do it for you.

However, most charters will come with the team to help you move along the water quickly and require nothing but to relax and let the wind be all you hear besides the flapping sails.

Motors will get you places further, faster, and without the need to depend on the wind. However, many sailboats are also equipped with a motor when the wind isn’t cooperating. But, most of the time, the sails will be the mode of power.

One big bonus to a sailboat is the cost of fuel. Since the wind is its main power source, fuel costs are much lower than a motorboat’s. Furthermore, these large super yachts can take quite a bit to move about the seas. Another thing to consider when considering different ideas for your next yachting vacation.

Be Specific About Your Food Choices

Be Specific About Your Food Choices

The yacht crews cannot read your mind; nobody is the same. People often think everyone doesn’t like this or that this is everyone’s favorite. That isn’t the case. Everyone has very different palettes, and it is up to you to express that to the chef and crew.

Be sure to tell them about any allergies you might have and your preferences. Also, any dislikes are essential too. The crew is responsible for stocking the galley, so if you have preferred snacks you like to indulge in, you will also want to include that. Furthermore, if you prefer fresh fruits and veggies, specify which types.

Once you set sail, it isn’t easy to get additional food needed. Because of this, the chef will often have a complete menu sorted, and the galley stocked before you step on board. Being honest and upfront will allow you to enjoy your tailor-made cuisine without a hitch.


Choosing Flexibility on Luxury Yacht

People choose to do their private charter or own their yacht because of its flexibility. You have options, a lot of options to choose from.

You can enjoy the boat, but also take time to enjoy the small seaside villages on shore as well. When rough high seas are ahead, your captain might suggest visiting a different location for a few days to avoid issues. It would be best to listen to your captain and be flexible to enjoy your trip thoroughly.

Furthermore, if you want to extend your stay in a port or different area, you can do so.

Many times we can offer a sample itinerary in advance. This will allow you to look it over and determine what areas you might want to spend more time in and places you might not. Also, this will allow the chef to understand and better plan what meals you will be on board for. Of course, some backup plans will be built in if something doesn’t go as planned.

Comfort On Board

We have discussed some amenities on board, such as a swimming pool or storage for sea toys, but we have not discussed how the boat handles them. A captain will be on board to maneuver the vessel for most people. However, it is still something to consider from a guest’s point of view.

Some vessels offer a smoother ride. For example, if you want a smooth ride with more speed on a monohull, you will want a more extended design.

A catamaran design doesn’t turn the same. It must take wider turns, which won’t heal like a monohull. However, it is a bit more expensive. A catamaran is often fast and sits up on the water a little better, making for a smoother ride overall.

Call 26 North Yachts

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a boat owner or how to plan a yacht trip, give us a call at 964-900-9988 for choosing a luxury yacht and find out more. We understand that finding that perfect new boat can be overwhelming, but we are happy to help. From determining the size, luxuries, space, and needs, there is something for everyone.

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