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June 6, 2019

The #1 Golf Team in Yachting

The tension was as thick as the dense foliage that surrounds many of the fairways at Jacaranda Country Club. Going into the 18th hole, the 26 North Yachts Golf Team, led by Greg Halligan, was down a stroke at the IYBA’s annual Golf Scramble. A devastating defeat was imminent. Then, mercifully, it started to rain and play was stopped. Time to regroup.

Steaks were ordered, jokes exchanged. Filled with beef and renewed confidence, the 26 North Yachts Team stepped to the 18th hole tee. Ten minutes and an Eagle later, the team had dropped their score to 19 under. Good enough, at least this year, TO WIN THE TOURNAMENT. Congratulations guys!

The level of play at Tuesday’s IYBA’s Golf Scramble was flat-out exceptional. Babb Rawlings was a ferocious competitor, pushing the HMY Yacht Sales Team to a -18 score. John Jarvie and the Oversea Yacht Insurance Squad played their hearts out, notching a -17. And Jenny Wicker deserves MAJOR kudos for not only organizing the Golf Scramble but also for leading Rickobey Associates to a “Best Dressed” Award. All in all, a terrific day!

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