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April 1, 2019

Q&A with 26 North Yachts’ Co-Founders

Mike Carlson and Nicholas Scherb, co-founders of 26 North Yachts, sat down with for a “Quick Q&A” on board ANGIAMO during the Palm Beach Boat Show. The interview might have been “quick”, but Mike and Nicholas managed to pack a number of interesting points into their chat with reporter Georgia Tindale.

During the Q&A, Mike focused on what makes 26 North Yachts a wholly unique brokerage house, citing our intensive focus on data & metrics, and explaining why that matters. One way it matters, as Mike noted, is that our data-centric approach enables us to sell yachts A LOT faster than the industry average. Nicholas, on the other hand, touched on the macro trends in our business, including how the aftershocks from last decade’s financial crisis continued to affect the market for pre-owned yachts until long after the crisis itself had passed.

Bottom line: if you’re interested in the business side of yachting, or you’d like to know more about 26 North Yachts, or you just want to read about two entrepreneurs who looked at a staid, slow-to-innovate industry and thought, “We can definitely do better,” then check out this terrific Q&A!

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