Blog | Dan Snyder Has an IMAX Theater on His Yacht

January 22, 2019

Dan Snyder Has an IMAX Theater on His Yacht

Dan Snyder, the Maryland-based billionaire, has broken some astounding records in his life. At age 32, he was the youngest CEO of an NYSE-listed company. In 1999, he purchased the Washington Redskins and its stadium for $800 million – at the time, the largest sporting transaction in history. But, as far as we’re concerned, Snyder has now outdone himself. That’s because his new 92-meter Feadship, “Lady S”, just became the first yacht in the world with an IMAX theater. And he didn’t “just” have the massive screen installed as some kind of wouldn’t-that-be-cool afterthought – he built his damn boat around it.

One of the main hurdles to adding the large-format cinema was reducing the sound & vibration coming from the vessel’s engines, but that got sorted out. Hallelujah. The IMAX’s “all in” cost was $3 million. Sure, the other 98% of the boat’s estimated cost went towards amenities like four over-the-top VIP suites, golf & basketball facilities, and a helipad – but, for right now at least, all we care about is that IMAX theater. Major kudos Dan.

Find out more about this incredible Feadship/IMAX collaboration here:

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